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Artist profile

What is your full name?

Nicolau Traça Lucas

Where were you born (country, city, neighborhood)?

Angola, Bié, Kichindo

Where did you grow up?

Bié, Kichindo

When did you start working with arts?

Started working with handicrafts in 2006

Who taught you?

Learned in a track community, where he is part of

What / who is your inspiration?

Ever since he was a child he has always had a passion for crafts, so his inspiration is day to day and life

How long would a work of art take approximately?

If we talk about a necklace or bracelet, a necklace takes 30 minutes, and a well-crafted bracelet takes a maximum of 40 minutes

How many pieces of art do you make on average per day?

He manages to make 10 bracelets or necklaces a day.

Where do you get your stuff from?

Some materials come from Cape Verde, are tome and luvo, but the wood comes from Angola

What are your career difficulties?

The biggest difficulty is finding people who don't know the art to devalue their work, so doing this business is also a matter of patience.

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